Strength Overload 10 Week Programme

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Powerlifting is a strength and conditioning sport that consists of three endeavours at maximal load: Squat, Bench
press, and Deadlift (SBD). In a traditional Powerlifting Competition, each discipline is performed one after the
other, with three attempts permitted for each discipline. The opening lift is usually a safe lift that can be done
for at least 3 reps in training. The second attempt is typically a personal best, and the third attempt is an all-out
1 rep max. The total of the biggest lifts in each discipline is then combined to calculate the total, and the
competitor with the highest total wins.

The Strength Overload program is designed to help you achieve as much raw strength as possible in a 10-week
period, tailored specifically to you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional athlete, this
program is designed to help you discover your true strength. It is also beneficial for coaches looking to improve
their clients’ strength and for individuals who are considering competing in Powerlifting but are unsure of where
or how to start.

This Training Program was created by Micquel Wright, a 2-time British Bodybuilding Champion and the 2023
British Powerlifting Champion. Micquel is well-known on social media for his heavy lifting and other talents.
Despite having no prior Powerlifting experience, Micquel used this exact program to become the 2023 GPC
British title holder. Now, it is evident that Micquel possesses the discipline and mentality required to become a
champion, but none of this would be possible without the Strength Overload system.

It is important to note that this program will only work if followed step by step. If not followed correctly, it will
not yield the desired results. It is crucial to stay committed and follow each rep and set as written in order to
see maximum results. Consistency is the key to transforming average into excellence. Welcome to the Strength
Overload Program…


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